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an app to share intimate, conscious,
authentic letters in your pocket

in collaboration with 
Krishna Rammohan

dedicated to my 

sandbox friend Vivi

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why don't we communicate
like this anymore?"

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because instant messengers don't encourage individualism and creativity anymore! they kill the character. 


if we create cher, what do
we want it to be? 

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a space for non-instant gratification. letters should be written and received consciously.

written text should be authentic and intimate. the visual style of the letter should be true to the character. 

how would a conversation
between two pen-pals look like? let's follow along nori and rona.

nori's desk 

nori just received airmail
from rona 

nori can start reading or writing
to rona. she goes ahead and
reads a recent letter. 
She can
also find previous letters in the calendar on the bottom. 

noris letterbox


it's a delight to go back and
revisit the past and to see the creative evolution of the letters 

timeline feature 

bird 3.png

creation workspace

nori wants to share a new design
with rona. she picks the right
brush and begins creating. 

ready to send 

once done, nori can choose to
send her letter in a couple of days
or in a couple of years. 


sent. and the onversation continues. 

bird 3.png

an app to share intimate, conscious,
authentic letters in your pocket


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